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    Zenon (ZNN)
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  • 24ч %
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    ₽4.07 B
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    ₽92.79 M
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    6.53 M ZNN
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Zenon цена на текущий момент ₽623.80 с рыночной капитализацией ₽4.07 B , узнать информацию о ZNN, курс, биржи продаж в реальном времени - CoinsRealTime

Исторические данные

ДатаЦенаОбъемРын. Капитализация

Рынки / Биржи

# ExchangePairPriceVolume (24h)Updated

Биржи на которых можно обменять Zenon (ZNN) на рубли, доллары, евро и другим криптовалюты.

Технический анализ

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  • Рыночная Капитализация: $1,613.01 B
  • Объем за 24Ч: $106.67 B
  • Доминирование BTC: 39.59%

Топ 10 по росту за 24 часа

НазваниеЦенаИзменения 24ч

Топ 10 по падению за 24 часа

НазваниеЦенаИзменения 24ч

Node upgrade with major performance improvements: go-zenon v0.0.2 is live.

Since version 0.0.2, znnd has been configured with the Alphanet Genesis and default seeders, offering improved overall resource efficiency.

Download now:
➡️ http://github.com/zenon-network/go-zenon/releases/tag/v0.0.2-alphanet


One of the key fundamentals of blockchain decentralization is enabling users to run full nodes and validate transaction history without reliance on third parties.

What is a node? Why run a node? 👇


#FullNodeInvasion #Mission2022 #AtomicEra

Everything started from an insignificant point of energy, exploding with the power of trillions Quasars to create the very fabric of spacetime: fundamental particles and atoms.

⚛️ NoM's Atomic Era is opening a new dimension for decentralization & governance framework.

How Feeless, Fusing $QSR and Plasma come together?

➡️ Plasma is used as an anti-spam mechanism in NoM.
➡️ It can be generated either via PoW or by fusing $QSR.
➡️ More Plasma, more transactions.

#NoM #Plasma #Feeless #Fuse

Orbital Program: Protocol Level Liquidity implies that a fraction of all network rewards will be redistributed by an embedded smart contract for liquidity providers in a trustless and censorship resistant way.

Orbital TVL after 49 days:
~77.500 $ZNN
~245.000 $QSR

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